Spider Extermination Services 

Of all the world’s many thousands of crawling insects, arguably the most highly feared and dreaded are spiders. They can range drastically in size, move quickly, and bite—sometimes venomously. As long as you have Complete Pest Solutions on your side, there’s no need to fear. We bring our full spider extermination services in Ohio and Pennsylvania, to your house or business quickly after your call. Our company has been going after these 8-legged insects for years and knows how to get it done efficiently.

Spiders are included in our general insect program, which comes with a 3-month warranty for your protection. We do require a 1-week waiting period for the product we apply so it can have a complete effect, but we’re confident you’ll see results soon. Between spider and ant extermination, our crawling insect control service can make a welcome difference in your property’s pest problems. This also covers:

  • Pavement Ants
  • Centipedes
  • Millipedes
  • Clover Mites
  • Earwigs
  • Silverfish


How Bad Are Spider Bites?

Spider venom causes reactions that differ from spider to spider and person to person. Symptoms of a spider bite may include a stinging sensation, red mark, localized swelling, or an injury requiring hospitalization. The good news is that spiders never actively seek human contact; they only bite if they feel threatened or endangered. Plus, out of the 43,000 different species, fewer than 30 are deadly. Their venom is designed to work on smaller animals, not humans.

That being said, their bites can cause more health problems and take longer to heal than those of other insects, so you definitely want to have our spider control on hand if they’re becoming a problem. If someone does get bitten, seek help from a medical professional or poison control center where necessary. Ice packs, antihistamines, antibiotic ointment, and bite site elevation can offer immediate relief. Be sure to clean the area to prevent infection.



Reasons To Play It Safe and Go Pro

You could try those sprays you find at the store, but too often the only change they provide is an awful, unhealthy smell. The last thing you want is to endanger the health of your family and pets or customers and employees. Our spider extermination methods don’t let that happen. We bring treatments that work, are consistent, and are safe to use. You can go about your routine with peace of mind and leave these venomous creatures to us.

Contact us for a spider-free facility. We understand how scary they can be and take steps to keep them away from you for good.