Rodent Control Services

Whether it’s a timid mouse or a large rat, rodents can be one of greatest terrors to property owners and residents. When born and bred in captivity, they can be cute and docile. In the wild, however, these pests can be anything but. They can not only chew through your walls and pantry boxes, but they’ll gnaw on electrical wires, causing malfunctions, and even house fires. Not only can they wreak havoc on your home, but they can also lead to several health problems, including allergies and asthma.

Inexperienced amateurs are likely to find catching them safely to be a difficult, if not impossible, task.


Whether you’re running a restaurant, store, hotel, or office, rodents are a red flag to potential clients and customers. Having these creatures around is often a health code violation and could land you in serious trouble. Plus, the damage rodents can do to both commercial and residential buildings can adversely impact the resale value. Our rodent control services can be what keeps your business open and a welcome place for patrons.

There’s no need to risk your health or waste money on ineffective store bought treatments to rid yourself of these pests. We have the necessary equipment and training to handle them without doing any damage to your home. Contact Complete Pest Solutions if you’re concerned about mice invading your home or business.