Bat Control in Ohio and Pennsylvania

When you hear flapping wings or see a black shape hanging upside down, it can feel like Halloween has come too early. Rest assured, Complete Pest Solutions offers an easy answer: our residential and commercial bat control in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Because they can bite and transmit rabies, we do not recommend trying to handle bats yourself. Our experts have the special equipment necessary to get them outside safely. Plus, you receive a 3-year warranty with our bat program, which is longer than most of our extermination services.

Any time the structure of a property has been invaded by wildlife, an inspection needs to be done first to assess the nature of the problem. We’re happy to do this for you, and the cost of the inspection fee will be applied to the cost of the job should you choose to accept it. Our bat control programs are unmatched in their scope and attention to detail.

Do Bats Bite?

The good news is that, like spiders, bats only bite if they feel threatened. Usually, this is when either a human tries to pick them up or a human gets too close to their babies. The bad news is that their bites are painful, and if the bat is rabid, the bite can be fatal. For that reason, you’re better off never attempting to handle a bat and letting our professionals take care of that for you.

bats in the atticThe Importance of Prompt Bat Removal Services

Female bats have babies every summer, causing the colony to grow every year. You never want to have a colony living with you because then there’s a minimum of 30-40 bats leaving behind bad-smelling droppings on a daily basis. Hearing their squeaks and the rustling of their wings in your walls, chimney, or attic can be a grating nuisance. Worse, bats can chew into walls, damaged insulation, and damage wiring as well.

Having bats around can also be a health hazard. Bat guano, or droppings, are carriers of the fungus Histoplasma capsulatam. The microscopic spores of this fungus are airborne and can easily get into the living areas of your home. If inhaled, these spores can cause a disease called histoplasmosis. Between the damage bats can do to your property and the health hazard they pose, our bat removal services are best used right away.

We can make the bats fly away. Contact our team to get them going.