Bird Removal Services 

When you think of pests, birds don’t tend to be the first animal that comes to mind. People love them for their docile nature. Yet there’s a reason they’re meant to live outside; they can cause similar damage as bats once they’ve infiltrated the building. That’s why Complete Pest Solutions provides bird removal in Ohio and Pennsylvania, in addition to our many other pest control services.

Our bird program includes up to four visits by an experienced technician, who sets up a one-way door. Each visit afterward is an assessment to ensure the birds have evacuated. On our final visit, we seal the entry points to prevent the birds from coming back.

Our bird control services are designed to be more than a temporary fix. We want our customers to benefit from our work for years.

The Dangers of Having Wild Birds Inside

Birds are not opposed to building their nests in chimneys and ventilation systems, which can spread diseases and block proper airflow. Carbon monoxide can get backed up in the home, which can be life-threatening to everyone inside it. Our bird control service isn’t just convenient; it can save your life.

Your gutter system can also be a preferred pick for birds’ nests, and if that happens, you could end up with a backup of standing water. The weight of that water sags and damages not just the entire system but also the part attached to your structure, your siding, and your foundation. Trapped, overflowing water then becomes a breeding ground for other pests, like mosquitoes and other insects. We can install specially designed gutter guard systems that keep birds, leaves, and debris out of your gutters.

birds in the attic

We Can Remove Birds Without Exterminating Them

We believe in bird removal services, which serves to get them to a safe location without hurting them. We make getting birds out of your home or business a simple process. Contact us today.