Bed Bug Extermination

Blood-sucking bed bugs are a nightmare for homeowners and a headache for hotel proprietors. Even the cleanest of properties can have them. Since they’re mainly active at night and therefore difficult to catch, it’s best to leave that job to us, the professionals. Complete Pest Solutions is your source for full bed bug extermination in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

bed bugsWhat Are Bed Bugs?

These are tiny, mostly nocturnal insects that feed exclusively on blood and travel indoors via clothing or on bags and luggage. They’re drawn to carbon dioxide and body temperature and will also bite your pets—almost always on the stomach where the fur is thinnest. They’re masters at feeding undetected by coming out when inhabitants are asleep. Rather than build nests, they gather around the black droppings of other bed bugs. These can be one of the sure signs that your home or business has been invaded.

The females can lay up to 12 eggs per day, and these can hatch in just 10 days. Needless to say, an infestation can happen fast. Complicating the process even further is the fact that bed bugs feed every 5-10 days, and not all at the same time. They can even go dormant for up to 18 months and swarm afterward. Someone with no experience or special equipment stands almost no chance of catching all of them. Bed bug control from our experienced exterminator services is your best hope for getting rid of them.

bed bug life cycle

We Leave No Stone Unturned in Our Search

Experience has taught us that to do an effective job, comprehensive assessment and treatment are needed. We don’t limit ourselves to chemically treating the areas that are

infected. We also inspect dresser drawers, bed frames, picture frames, drapes, curtains, blinds, and mattresses. Some of our bed bug control programs include mattress covers too. Even the outlets by the infested furniture receive a meticulous inspection. Diligence is essential since bed bugs can travel up to 100 feet in search of food. Our technicians stop them from going any further.

A good night’s sleep starts with contacting Complete Pest Solutions for the answers to your bed bug problems. An investment in us is an investment in your home.