What’s Happening In Complete Pest Solutions…


We just purchased a satellite office in the area. This will help us reach the Canton (Akron, Coshocton, Wooster, Canal Fulton…) area better than ever. By being able to be more local we can better serve our valued customers, you.


We have had the office at 470 West Main Street as our Main Headquarters for the last 5 years. Which has served us well for that time. But as we have grown, in and outside of the office, we have recognized the need for a new space to help efficiently serve you each day. In the past 2 years, we have been searching for this new location. Now we are closer than ever to getting it and moving in THIS year. With the excitement growing throughout the company, we will be sharing this process with you.

Thank you…for
all that you have done to help this be possible.