Wasps and Hornets Extermination 

There are fewer insects more feared than wasps, hornets, and carpenter bees, and understandably so—their stingers are painful and can trigger severe allergic reactions. The crew at Complete Pest Solutions understands perfectly and is here to help. We’re the name you need to know when you want full wasp and hornet extermination in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Stinging insects can be a health hazard for quite a few people, and even those who aren’t allergic often find them frightening. With us around, nobody has to be afraid.

Our application covers the structure of your business or home, and the warranty for wasps and hornets covers the season through the end of November. Carpenter bee treatment comes with a 6-month warranty. Whichever pest is plaguing your property, we’re confident that our stinging insects’ extermination service can rid you of it. The warranties protect your financial interests to ensure you get what you pay for.

About These Insects

bee chart

Wasps and hornets aggressively defend their territory once they’ve established a nest and formed a colony. Active nests resemble an airport with insects moving in and out, and they can cause damage to your home. Wasps can even get inside your walls and cause severe problems. They prefer shady, out of the way spots and can squeeze into tight spaces, so nonprofessionals have a tricky time finding them, to say nothing of eliminating them.

Paper nests may be attached to soffits or gables of your home too. Though paper wasps eat other pests and can, therefore, be beneficial to gardens, they still pose a threat. Their locations can be close to the roof and out of reach for the common person—but not for our stinging insects’ control company. We’ve performed successful extermination of all kinds of critters, and take every safety precaution to prevent stings and bites.

We Keep Fear From Costing You Business

Since many people are afraid of being stung by a wasp or hornet, especially those who are allergic, they might choose to steer clear of your property just from seeing the nest. Owners of any business, particularly hotels and apartment complexes, would do well to be on the lookout and alert us right away if you suspect stinging insects are taking up residence in your area. We’ll be over quickly and treat wherever you need us to. You’re welcome to ask any questions about our work.

Contact our technicians to save yourself and those around you from some of the most aggressive insects out there. We confront them so you don’t have to.