Squirrel Control Services 

Whether or not it’s a wily squirrel, these rodents can be one of greatest terrors of property owners and residents. When born and bred in captivity, they can be cute and docile. In the wild, however, they can be anything but. They move fast, chew through wires, eat your food, bite, and endanger the health of the humans around them. Inexperienced amateurs are likely to find catching them safely to be difficult if not impossible task.

Save yourself from these nightmares by getting in touch with Complete Pest Solutions’ rodent control services in Ohio and Pennsylvania. We inspect the structure to assess the extent of the problem and what should be done about it. You can expect honest answers and reasonable rates every time. After all, we’re here to make your life easier.

4 squirrels

Why You Don’t Want To Wait On Squirrel Control

Squirrels might be cute and fun to watch, but they can cause considerable damage in the attic and to your insulation and wiring. They destroy paint, tear up coverings, and generally destroy the look and feel of your property since they like to burrow and make a mess of the areas they can get into. Really persistent squirrels might find a way down your walls, creating an even bigger mess.

Squirrels have to constantly gnaw on something.  They will damage the studs and other woodwork in your home.  They will also do considerable damage to the outside of your home trying to make their way in.

Even if they stay in the attic, they could die up there and leave a terrible odor. You can do yourself a huge favor by nipping this problem in the bud and getting in touch with us today.

Even worse than the property damage squirrels can cause are the diseases they can carry. Their waste can have parasites and diseases horrible for people and pets alike. Our squirrel removal work is your best hope of preventing these problems. We’re as adept at wildlife control as we are at pest control, removing animals of all sizes and natures.

Rodents Ruin Businesses

Whether you’re running a restaurant, store, hotel, or office, rodents are one of the reddest of flags to potential clients and customers. Having these creatures around is often a health code violation and could land you in serious trouble. Plus, the damage rodents can do to both commercial and residential buildings can adversely impact the resale value. Rodent control services like ours can be what keep you open and a welcome place for patrons.

There’s no need to risk your health to rid yourself of rodents. Contact our company to get professionals to do it.